A Cool Mile Away (Prod. by Nova)

by Caleon Fox

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Right on right on yeah…Blow up my phone girl
Its late at night but our night is so young
And you're all & all alone..she said she’s all & all alone….
I'll be on my way…Once I'm wide awake.
Ive been tucked up in the bed, since a quarter after 8
And I've been all & all alone….and you're all and all alone….

I'm a cool mile away…and I'm headed your way I'm a cool mile away 4x

And I'm headed your way..And I'm headed your way..
Cam you just wait a little more? I'm just a cool mile away (just hold on) 2x

You steady blowing up my phone.. My voicemail is full
Streetlight lighting up the road..And I won’t take you as a fool, girl
Don’t be embarrassed of your desirous ways ..
And you're all and all alone.. I’m just a cool mile away …just hold on

I'm just a cool mile away 2x

Right on right on you …Horny i know you can't…
Wait anymore, you are beyond turnt to on..
Feel up all over your body. You’re all & all alone.
I’m a cool mile away, you too far gone up in the zone
And you're all and all alone..This moments playing slow-da-mo
Finally arrive to your spot. You attack me at the door.
Are we going to fuck on your porch? or you gonna let me inside?.
This moments made just for us. Lets make the best out of tonight
oh yeah

I’m Spending late nights to my early mornings for you
And even though i work in the morning girl its cool
It's getting late but our night is still so young
And when I beat it up... Girl promise me you won’t run,

And you're all and all alone. You say your high off of me
And I'm so high off of you. Look down the world is underneath
This feelings hella new to us. Her words too lost to even say
Yo dont be scared of up above we're just a mile away girl


released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Caleon Fox Oakland, California

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